Your Friendship is Worth More Than You Know


There has been a lot of discussion lately of how the Jewish New Year is significant to our lives and how this is a time where many people of God break through into new promotions, and purposes for their lives. Perhaps things they have been dreaming of with God for a long time plus a few surprises, and for some people I know, that testing and lead up to this time has been very stretching, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Not so much for me, and that led me to ask God, ‘Do I get a promotion or did I miss out?”

And I remembered as I sat down to listen, how when another lady in our church sat down to listen, God had told her that listening and writing down what He had to say was worship.

So I sat down to listen, with a pen in hand, and heard: “Yes, you have been promoted but in a different way to others.  What would you like to do?  This is what I would like you to do.”

Now, for the record, the things I’ve been praying and dreaming over this last season have been prayed through and laid down goals that have been growing in my heart over the past few months and years, not just whatever I could think of at the time.

One of those is more disciplined and focused writing on my blog, including participating in the 31 Days Challenge during October, my study being My Communion Challenge: 31 Days, while another is teaching a dance class as a way to connect with Mums and also a fellowship group for Mums.  There’s a few more, but perhaps it doesn’t feel like such a promotion, because I’ve been slowly growing into these things, and I’m about to step into them.  Let’s take a look at the last one.    spiritualpromo

I was reminded of a Mum I met in Toowoomba when I was tired and weary and had slipped out to a different church during the school holidays while I wasn’t teaching Sunday School at our own.    I was sitting behind a family, with a boy, girl and a baby the same age as mine and I’m normally shy but I was desperate to connect with someone and graciously this Mum invited me into her home and then to the mother’s group she was hosting in her home every two weeks; a place where mothers could share their hearts, ask deep questions, expect honest answers, and have other women come around them and just share what God was saying to them.  The first time these women gathered around me and shared God’s heart, they touched on every single concern of mine without me saying a word.

With this picture in mind, God continued to share about my promotion: “This mother didn’t impact your life because she was on a stage, but because she knelt down close, and now its your turn, not everyone can do that.  The foundations have been deep and lonely, but I need you to speak Truth.”

Wow, yes, sometimes we don’t need a platform, we don’t need a stage, we just need to kneel down close and incline our ear towards God and speak what He says, because your friendship is worth more than you know, whether that’s running a mother’s group or one on one cups of tea.