Communion and Childbirth, a Testimony – Day 8


Today I was going to continue digging deep into theology, but when my old Pastor’s wife, Robyn Small sent me this testimony of how God powerfully used communion in her life, I knew someone needs to hear it, so I’m sharing it now.    Sometimes when people pray for you and you have something little wrong like the flu, they tell you to go home and take some garlic and I’ve been guilty of that too, but Robyn prays in the most beautiful way, yet with authority and stuff happens. 

 Robyn and Allan Small are the pastors at the Range Christian Fellowship in Toowoomba and they also run the healing rooms if you live in the area.  Robyn is also the author of the quilt chats that I’ve shared on another blog Mum and I co-author. 

 Robyn –

“Six years ago I was present when my daughter gave birth to her second baby, Aimee.  The birth left Lee Anna exhausted, and our Christian midwife was concerned that not all the membranes seemed to have come away.


Three days later my son in law woke me in the early hours of the morning to say that Lee Anna was in agony, and he was taking her to the hospital.  As they drove off I was filled with fear that some of those membranes were causing problems and Lee would go into toxic shock and die.  Fear just gripped me like a vice.


I knew I had to take communion for my daughter.  I couldn’t find any grape juice and the bread was all frozen, so I took a sao biscuit and some orange juice, and using these as symbols of the Body and Blood of Jesus, I declared to the heavenly realm that my daughter was under a blood covenant with God, and part of that Covenant was health, and because of what Jesus had done on the cross I was asking for my rights of health for my daughter.


At that moment, as Lee Anna and Jeff drove to the hospital, the pain left.  When the nurses examined her they could find nothing wrong.”

Wow, what power in an act of faith.  I hope this simple testimony will inspire others to overcome!


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