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familyblogHi, I’m Elizabeth from sunny QLD in Australia.

I’m a writer from when I was little. I started stories by illustrating just a picture I’d coloured in. But I made mum cry one day when she was trying to teach me. Yes, sit under the desk and cry,  I wouldn’t write but somehow she must have convinced me, because then I wouldn’t stop. Stories, poems, newsletters, articles and I still don’t stop even now, though I sit typing one handed with a baby nestled in my arms.  I write in scrap moments on scrap paper, but once I start it just won’t stop coming and it’s good and fun.  I write from my life, my journals and the view from my kitchen sink.

I’m a wife of 6 years, and mother of a preschooler, who will start craft projects before breakfast and baby who likes to eat the craft projects.   Over those few years of marriage, beginning with a really fun wedding, based on a Jewish Betrothal, we’ve had a lot of adventures, and moved house 7 times.  We’ve served as youth pastors, ministered in the Healing Rooms and with Victorious Ministries Through Christ, both fantastic inner healing ministries, and helped serve as maintenance Mission Builders at the Toowoomba YWAM base.  I’ve also trained as Crisis Pregnancy Consultant and dance teacher with Living Dance International.

These days, life is a bit quieter on the ministry front, as we focus on good routines and health for our family.   Ministry comes in one on one God appointments as He organises.

I’ve always been passionate about sharing resources with people to help them grow, even way back when I was a teenager and started my first newsletter ‘Lizzy’s Library’ that I mailed to 50 people with my own pocket money.   These days I’m focusing on resources to nourish the Spirit, Soul and Body, drawing on what I’ve learnt during my 3 mission trips to Papua New Guinea, and ministering with Victorious Ministries Through Christ and the Healing Rooms

A few things about me . . . youthpastors

I write and I read voraciously. Reading is my way of relaxing, though some may find that ludicrous. But I don’t draw beyond stick figures. If my 3 year old wants something drawn that doesn’t look like a basic shape I send her in to see my sister who lives with us.

I dance but I don’t play an instrument, unless you count the tambourine? (Do you wanna see a video of that time we  put Psalm 91 to action?) Mostly I don’t sing but, worship leading was great because under the anointing is the only time I sing in tune, or so my husband informs me.

I grow herbs well but I’ve never managed the whole big vege garden, homesteading thing. My compost thus far has turned into slime, and I’m rather glad that the lease on our house expressly forbade pets, including a goldfish.


I can think six months in advance and organise a calendar in my head but it takes me about 5 trips going anywhere to remember how to get there and please don’t throw in any new routes or diversions.

I love chai tea but chai lattes are full of sugar and I rather think I’ve tipped more of them down the drain than I’ve finished.

I seriously need help when it comes to style, whether that’s my wardrobe or house decorating.  I call my style country eclectic, at which my younger sister just groans.














8 thoughts on “Meet Elizabeth

  1. I came across your ‘praying over medication’ piece and it resonated with me as I have been lying around sick with serious chest infection, for the past 2 weeks, that I picked up on a long haul flight from Middle East.
    My 6 children paid for me to go on a pilgrimage of the Holy Lands – Israel and Jordan – for my birthday, something that had been on my bucket list forever but which I could not afford.
    It was a great blessing as I had good health the whole time away and was able to keep up with the group, despite several chronic medical conditions.
    I use Facebook a lot to post articles ect on the spiritual life, religion, matters of faith etc and interesting pieces that I read- I read a lot on prayer, seeking God in everyday life , Scriptures, etc basically all things sacred and Catholic . Many people these days cannot see the point of spiritual reading and hence are very much lacking in their understanding of and relationship with God.
    I believe Jesus Great Commission “go out to all the world….” is not an optional choice for Christians but one to which we are all called to respond. So for me, the new evangelisation is about bringing, reminding people about Christ and the call to redemption. I.e not only those who have been de-churched, but the un- churched and yes, even those in the pews each Sunday who go to Mass out of habit rather than to praise and glorify God.
    I have often thought of starting a blog but the amount that I read and have read, wish to share as well as copyright law, make it quite a daunting task.
    It could take up a great deal of time and with something always happening in the family, that is what I do not have a lot of.
    Nice reading your piece. I live in Sydney, grow herbs and some veges and love being in the garden. I have been the sole breadwinner for my family , my husband having a severe hearing loss and borderline personality. I love all things craft and especially am interested in medieval illuminations and history.
    Cheers Ann Kerley

    1. Such a blessing that you were able to get to Israel, my husband lived there for 6 months with his entire family including 80 year old Nana volunteering. Thanks for sharing here and I’m glad this was a blessing to you.

  2. Thank you Lizzy, I am a former YWAM’er from as far back as 1968. I came across your blog today and find it delightful. I live in Washington state, I am married and have married children and best of all, grandchildren.
    I am also involved with reading about prayer and revivals in history. I grow roses, marigolds, pansies and grapes.
    I will do my best to keep in touch. I have Multiple Sclerosis and spend a good deal of my time at home. Bless you, Kerrri Arceo

    1. Hi Kerri, so nice to meet you! Sounds like you have a lovely garden, if I ever get rich I’m going to employ a nice lady to come make me a really beautiful one, or maybe I’ll have time for that by the time my children are grown up.
      We can learn so much from reading about revival and prayer. Blessings!

  3. I thank God for bringing me to your website! I’m very thirsty to read more and more of your writings! I can see and feel that God is working through you in many ways! I love to keep reading everything you write over and over again! I need to know more about your spiritual journey and experiences! Please notify me of new posts by email. I have a strong heart desire to meet you and know you personally because I find in you one of the rare Beautiful Children of God in this lost world! God bless you, sweet Elizabeth, and bless your family! (Finding you is like finding a treasure)!

  4. I need a prophetic word for my situation. I ma feeling a graet dealnof anxiety and have been experiencing disturbing thoughts for 3 weeks.

    I need a word of prophecy from God to help me understand what is happening and how to move forward.

    1. Hi Marlene, I have a friend Naomi Beyers, of Naomi Beyers Ministries on facebook who prays for people on facebook lives at 11am AEST (Brisbane) every Tuesday if you would like to tune in. I’m glad you found this helpful

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