Scripture Lifelines for Pregnancy

I woke up this morning tired of being pregnant and tired in general.  Having a 2 year old fall asleep on you, is not a good recipe for sleeping.  Every night going to bed wondering if you’ll be making a midnight dash to the hospital.   I really have 2.5 weeks left before my due date, but last week the doctor turned my baby from breech to engaged and I’ve been having contractions every evening about 5 minutes apart but they haven’t progressed.

Scriptures for Pregnancy and Birth

Coffee didn’t wake me up and neither did breakfast so I put myself back to bed for 5 minutes, and began quoting Scripture to myself, the same ones that have been my lifeline this pregnancy.

“I shall run and not grow weary, I shall walk and not be faint, I shall rise up like an eagle”  Isaiah 40:31

God holds all things together.  Col 1:17

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

And then I sat down and cooked myself a broccoli curry, because in these last 2 weeks of pregnancy there are a few things that I can enjoy, that I probably won’t be able to come breastfeeding.   CURRY – COFFEE – CHOCOLATE.    (Yes, I know, but the way I have my coffee is so weak that it’s ridiculous and chocolate during pregnancy can be good if it’s the right kind!)

The Bible says, as a man thinks so is he,  and reading God’s Plan for Pregnancy by Nerida Walker highlights how much our brain dictates how we feel, and boy have I had to pull my mind into line this pregnancy. Like when at 30 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and the nutrition information given to us at the hospital was hopelessly inaccurate, and I put my hip out and could barely walk.  I just wanted to be done, and baby must have known because I started having knifelike pains across my uterus every few minutes,  until I apologised to her and blessed her to be comfortable and stay.

pregnancy and birth scriptures printable

So today, I sat down with my textas while I watched the toddler and Timmy Time and coloured in.   THINK HAPPY – BE HAPPY.  You can find the printable here.   It’s not something I normally do or have time for, but I’ve slowed right down these last few weeks of pregnancy, and quietly tried to enjoy them.


Today’s thoughts inspired by Five Minute Friday’s prompt CHEER.  Appropriate for cheering myself up, something we all have to do at times.



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My name is Elizabeth Ainsworth, a wife and mother in QLD Australia who shares her ponderings of faith at Where Deep Calls to Deep

3 thoughts on “Scripture Lifelines for Pregnancy

  1. Thank you Lizzy for your candid writing – I was listening to Clark Taylor today & he was adamant how our thought life controls our whole day – & what we take in to our soul then affects our emotions so worship music (or joyous music I love too) makes a world of difference. … So relating that to the child in the womb makes sense too as she perceives &’feels no doubt what you do & responds accordingly.

    Great write up!

    (How do you make this ink black. I can hardly see this pale print!)

  2. I remember how hard those last weeks of pregnancy are especially when you already have one or more children. You’ve expressed the feeling so well with the close contractions that stop and wondering when you’ll make that trip to the hospital…. I’m past all that now and am a grandmother, but I will never forget what pregnancy was like. I’m glad you took time to do that coloring. I’m sure it was relaxing. Blessings and prayers for a problem free delivery!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and your affirmations with scriptures. It has definitely encouraged me to continue to trust in God daily to take care of baby and myself.

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