Author Interviews

As an author, writer and blogger, I’m constantly searching for ways to hone my skills, and draw out the wisdom of others, along with finding great resources.

One of my favourite ways to do this is to interview other authors from around the globe, whether they write fiction, children’s books or Christian Living books.   I’ve had the privilege to interview some fantastic authors, who’ve had such deep wisdom and practical tips to share.

Actually I feel like I’d love to send some of these deep life questions to friends of mine because sometimes it’s hard to carve out deep conversations with these busy lives of ours, and each of us has wisdom to share, and all it takes to draw it out of one another is a well thought out question. 

It’s actually been quite easy to approach these authors and ask for an interview.  I’ve just respectfully reached out to them via e-mail and asked them a variety of questions about how they started writing, why, their routine, and how they got published, so if you have a favourite author you would like to interview, just read through these and you’ll get a good idea of how to go about it, and maybe find a new book to read in the process!

On this page I’ve provided a list of these interviews:

Children’s Books:

Nikki Rogers

Christian Children's BooksIs an Australian Mum who put her talents of writing and drawing to good use, producing books that would teach her young primary aged children Christian values.   Her books span from defining what a hero or princess really is to how God provides for us.  Beautiful rhymes and illustrations make these fantastic presents that teach life time lessons.


Biographies/Christian Living:

Peggy Joyce Ruth

Psalm 91 is an incredibly powerful book birthed out of the author questioning God about His protection in the end times, and the dream He gave her revealing specific promises in His Word that Christians can hold onto.    In this interview, Peggy Joyce Ruth shares how she dissected every word of Psalm 91 and digs deep into the Hebrew, and also overcoming mental illness and depression.

This book is filled with incredible testimonies and practical examples of applying God’s Word to your life, especially Psalm 91.  You will certainly be memorising Psalm 91 when you have finished this book and praying it over yourself and loved ones.


Amy Julia Becker

Writes from the perspective of motherhood, sharing her surprise when her first baby was born with Downs Syndrome, and how that redefined her life. She also writes about the lessons her 3 children have taught her in her newer work, Small Talk.





Candy Chand

nogreaterloveIs the co-author of a gripping autobiographical account of Levi Benkert who packed up his family in America after the GFC,  to move to Africa.  His short term mission trip to Africa changed his life in ways he couldn’t imagine and challenged him to dig deeper and make a long lasting difference to the orphans affected by the primitive Mingi practice.   You can find the book review here.

In this interview the author discusses the differences between co-authoring and authoring your own projects.




Historical Fiction:

Julie Klassenladyofmilkweed

writes historical romance set around the Pride and Prejudice era.  Her books explore issues that females at the time would have faced, along with providing a good plot in her novels that keep you up till midnight reading.

In this interview she chats about her background in editing, what makes a good novel, mistakes to avoid, and how she writes.



Christine Schaub:findinganna

Has written two historical novels around the hymns ‘It is Well’ and ‘Amazing Grace’.   She pours great depth into her characters and the circumstances surrounding them.  It’s fascinating to find out what happens with the characters and where they end up in life.

In this interview she’s shares about the difference between corporate and fiction writing, along with tips for honing your writing skills.

Another resource you may find helpful in writing is where I explore dissecting books to find different writing styles you like, my favourite way to remove writer’s block and also Tricia Goyer’s writing resources on how she got started writing with young children and continues to write now after adopting and homeschooling 5 more children.