Healing Oils of the Bible

Have you ever wondered where essential oils fit in God’s plan for our health?  Has the sometimes mystic nature of aromatherapy ever left you entirely cautious and avoiding the whole topic?  Yes, I must admit, I’ve been there, but since understanding essential oils and how God implemented them in Bible, I’ve gradually begun to embrace them.

Biblical foundation of essential oils



Today I have, Racheal Cameron,  mother of 6 sharing with us her journey into essential oils, and her book review of Healing Oils of the Bible, by David Stewart.  Racheal has shared with us in the past about Kids and Quiet Times.  


I first heard about Healing Oils of the Bible through Josh Axe.  I was looking for more healingoilsessential oils info, as we’d started using therapeutic grade oils (I know some are skeptical that ‘therapeutic grade’ is better than your ordinary off-the-shelf oils, but I can tell you that as someone who used ebay bulk essential oils and health food shop oils and then bought some pure therapeutic grade oils-there is a big difference in quality and potency) and I was eager to know more.
So I bought the book, and was so blessed by it! There are so many things we glaze over in the bible, because it’s counter-cultural to us…or just not in our radar. One example would be Frankincense and Myrrh. Those were just words to me, little gifts the rich Magi gave to the Messiah and his parents. But when I started getting into essential oils, they started to become so much more. I started to see the beautiful wisdom in giving a new mother such gifts. Frankincense is highly anti-inflammatory for example…and anti-depressant, anti-cancer, anti-infectious, immune stimulating, sedative, and anti-tumour. Myrrh was historically used for incense in religious rituals, for embalming and as a cure for cancer, leprosy and syphilis. It’s also great for the gums, thyroid support etc. Anyway, the point is, they weren’t just random gifts for the happy new mum. They were potent healing gifts, worth a small fortune, to bless and protect that families health.


But back to the book! David Stewart has written this book to be understood by all-great news for us who aren’t fans of reading oodles of chemistry and medical jargon!
He speaks of God’s purpose in creating plants with healing properties, of how God first placed man in a garden-surrounded by scents.
He talks about the foundation of the present medical system. About God’s desire for healing, the intelligence of oils vs present medicine. An example would be anti-biotics. If you take anti-biotics, like the name suggests, you quickly kill ALL bacteria in your gut. But if you take an oil like Oregano, it can actually discriminate between good and bad bacteria and can kill off the bad without destroying your healthy bacteria or your immune function. It’s amazing, but then also kind of expected….because everything God made is good. Not faulty, not inferior.

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I especially enjoyed the section on the blood brain barrier. Essential oils have tiny molecules…500amu or thereabouts. Things like chemo-therapy are more like 1000amu in molecular size. So an oil like Frankincense, that is anti-cancer, can get through the blood brain barrier and support healing in the brain…but chemo can’t get into the brain like that.
He discusses the difference between different grade of oil too. You may read about taking lemon oil in your water as an alkalising agent for example…but that’s referring to pure therapeutic grade oil NOT your average lemon oil off the shelf. Most oils you’ll notice will say on the bottle ‘not to be taken internally.’ There’s only a small handful of brands that are up to standard for taking internally.

One of the things I love about David’s attitude, is that he is so reliant on God for guidance as to how to use the oils. Yes, there’s great reference books out there (we use them ourselves) but God is so wise, and as He’s the one who created these plants and oils, you can just ask Him, and he can show you what will help in any given situation.
Another interesting point made, is that using oils with prayer, is most effective. People have actually had their electro-magnetic frequency read while having prayer with oils…and it raised by 15MHz! If that means nothing to you, a healthy person reads at about 62-68MHz. If you drop to about 58MHZ, flu symptoms can manifest. Cancer begins when you drop to 42MHz and the process of dying at 25MHz. So if you have cancer, gaining an extra 15MHZ would be very beneficial!

If you’re wanting to look into how and why oils were used in the bible, why they’re an effective healing alternative and more, this is a refreshing and enlightening book to read.  I’d also like to mention that in another of David Stewart’s books ‘The Chemistry of Essential Oils, God’s love made manifest in molecules’, David makes the point that he, like all other human beings, is not perfect and not all knowing…so there’s always the chance of minor errors in the writing, but that he is very happy to discuss and address them if you contact him. It’s good to know that, because the internet is full of strong opinions and people making derogatory comments about others…but…I seriously doubt many of those people have had the foresight to contact the author and discuss what it is that’s bothering them about the writing, before posting negative comments about them.

Personally, It’s been fun experimenting with different oils whenever an illness or injury occurs. My biggest one has been thyroid autoimmune disease. I’m a big believer in fixing your diet if you want to fix your health, and going off gluten and soy has been a large part of the journey, but the endocrine system still needs help and takes time to heal. So that’s where the essential oils have been a huge help. My particular blood test results showed I’m estrogen dominant. This affects sleep and anxiety levels among other things. I started using clary sage every day, applied to my chest. Before long, my periods were like clockwork (down to the hour of the day the bleeding would start) and I started sleeping better. But it wasn’t until I was running low on clary sage and stopped using it for a bit that I realised it was so helpful for a good night’s sleep…because I started getting insomnia again. And getting a bit agitated around that time of month. So I started the daily clary sage, and the sleep patterns etc started improving again. And there have been many more testimonies like that.

If you’ve ever wondered which oils to use and are confused by the many companies out there, Erin Odom at The Humbled Homemaker helps to shed some light on who is who.  Racheal uses doTerra and I use Youngevity, as I was already signed up for their vitamin and mineral products when they began producing essential oils.




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