The Blood by Benny Hinn – Day 29

day29communionIn his powerful book on Jesus Blood, Benny Hinn examines blood covenants, and the symbolism of the first blood shed after Adam and Eve sinned, tracing this theme all the way through the Bible and draws out why it is so important to God, but it’s also filled with modern day stories and examples which makes it easy to read. 

He shares personal experiences of what it means to apply the blood around your life and other lives, and pleading the blood over your family.   He teaches about using the blood in spiritual warfare to set people free from demonic oppression and bringing purity into homes that have been defiled by the occult.

This book has been for me, a wonderful way to draw together the truths I have learned about communion and the Blood of Jesus, and it finishes with how the Blood of Jesus brings us rest, a truth that as we learn to enter into everyday, not just eternal rest when we die, can change how we live now.

If we try and make ourselves clean before we come to Jesus, it’s like cleaning ourselves up before we get in the bath.   Confess your sins to Him and shed your past, and then plead His blood of cleansing over your life, and renew your mind with what God says about your righteousness in Him.

In these coming days the Word of God is going to empower the church to take a Scripture and stand on it and the power of hell will not prevail, we will be so confident in that verse, it will become our life and we will not need hours of prayer over the same things, one verse will cut every chain.  We are going to learn to stand on the Word of God for our every need and emotion till every part of us becomes like Jesus, and there is a quickening so that every man saved will walk in this without years of struggling.


(Wedding photo credits to the talented Kate Dhu)

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