5 Random Facts About Our Wedding

This month marks 5 years that we’ve been married, and just for fun I wanted to tell you five random things about our wedding and then next week I’ll tell you about how our wedding was very evangelistic and was representing a Jewish Bride price ceremony which is very prophetic of Jesus and His bride the church.  (And I’ll explain why Stephen, his Dad and myDad were mock bargaining for camels and tractors during the ceremony . . .trust me, it was a hilariously fun wedding)


  1. A month before the wedding we discovered that my dress didn’t fit anymore and actually needed a lot of work. Some of the fabric wasn’t sitting straight and so my whole skirt got redone. It also had rust stains on it from the bodice where the metal eyelets sat, and the only way to get these out were to use baby wipes.  Worked wonderfully!


  1. A week before our wedding one of the groomsmen dropped out of our wedding party, and so we rang Stephen’s cousin, Rick and asked him to pop in. It was quite a simple switch because all the guys were just wearing their own black suits, and it was nice because Stephen had been a groomsman at Rick’s wedding, and his wife, Rachel was one of our photographers.

  1. The day before our wedding we were madly rearranging our venue because it had flooded and we were supposed to be getting married outdoors at the farm of another of Stephen’s cousins where we had met. There was no way that was going to work, the ground was like pea soup so I was madly ringing up churches all around town asking for a new venue, and then that afternoon we were rehearsing as people arrived from out of town;3 hour rehearsal right and then decorating the church. Far out, I was exhausted that night, and then I was ringing everyone and giving them a new address.


  1. Because our venue got shifted, that meant everything was a bit muddled for getting ready on the morning, and my makeup got done in our future bedroom, and Stephen saw it happening, he also was getting his haircut while all the girls were getting their hair done and then us girls walked three doors down to the neighbours place who were elders in our church and had offered their home for us to get ready in.

  1. One more crazy, and like I said, next week I’ll tell you the serious stuff. Instead of flowers for the bridesmaid, we used lanterns, heaps cheaper, can keep as a memento, symbolic of the Bride of Christ, and then instead of flowers we had little black pots of red fancy lettuce down the aisles. Our wedding went for so long that by the time it was over, the kids were eating the lettuce out of the pots because they were hungry.    (And yes, Stephen did play the ukulele at our wedding)





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  1. He played the ukulele? How cute!!
    I love the idea of the lanterns … so pretty and special!
    Looking forward to hearing how you made your wedding evangelistic and to represent the bride of Christ 🙂

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