Rooted and Grounded – Faith Works by Love

Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness . . . Psalm 37:3 Some versions say feed, others say cultivate, either thing is a good thing to do.

That can be His faithfulness to us, by writing lists of rememberence, something the Israelites were commanded to do.

We can write lists of His faithfulness to us in provision or health or just circumstances miraculously aligning.  God actually loves it when we write, there is something special that happens in our brain when we make the effort to write.

You can write anywhere, on a scrap of paper, in a journal, in the notes tab on your phone so that it is always with you, or if printing out a specific piece of paper for that purpose would help you, I’ve got a printable here that may be a blessing.  

We can feed on His faithfulness by listening to the testimonies of others. . .

Faith comes by hearing . . . Romans 10:17

I really stopped and thought about this for a minute the other day, it’s an amazing thought when you pull it apart . . . but of course it does. If we tell a child something, they believe us. They have faith we will get them their breakfast, buy them a gift for their birthday, tuck them in at night.

The more Word we put into our hearts, we’ve got to start wondering, ‘God if you say this, it isn’t just a nice saying to encourage myself when I feel sad, there has to be real power in this.’

You keep going down that track and a miracle eventually manifests.

Faith came by hearing for the woman with the issue of blood. She had heard for the first time in a long time that there was hope. That hearing and hope pushed her to find Him. Touch him. There was a transaction.

We get discouraged if we hear once and we don’t see a miracle, but sometimes that is just like planting a seed and then we water it with more Word and it starts to grow in us.

One of the Greek words for seed is sperma.   Hmm that’s interesting.

Jesus paid for our healing at the cross, we aren’t actually waiting on God for a manifestation of that.   We plant the seed and it grows.  

By His stripes we were healed. 1 Peter 2:24

A prayer that Paul prayed for us in Philemon 1:6 is,

I pray that your partnership in the faith may become effective as you fully acknowledge every good thing that is ours in Christ.

Many of the people I’ve heard of with substantial issues that the medical field had given up on who were miraculously healed,  just started listening, deliberately listening to testimonies of others who had been healed for hours and hours a day and their miracle eventually manifested.  Last week I shared 3 Places to Find Healing Testimonies 

The phrase ‘as you eat the promises of God, they become part of you and begin to manifest’ settled into my heart one time, and so much Scripture supports it.

Last week I looked at 5 Psalms for When You Feel Overwhelmed  including Psalm 143.

In Psalm 143 David feels so overwhelmed, like truly crushed, doesn’t know if he can recover, however woven throughout are three of the keys for seeing a shift are:

Listening to God’s lovingkindness in the morning,

Meditating on the works of His Hands,

and musing on the days or miracles of the past.


Musing on the days & miracles of old . . . 

essentially writing down the past miracles, and feeding on God’s faithfulness


Hear God’s love for you

We all think we know it, but its an area we all need to be rooted into so much better. Listen to people who focus on God’s love for them and you. Listen to Scriptures about God’s love for you, let the rain of His Word soak into the soil of your heart. It’s ok to admit that our hearts can feel hard and crusty.

Joseph Prince in his book, the Power of Right Believing shared a story of how a chaplain went into a mental hospital to work with the worst patients who were just all locked up in the attack and food was just pushed through the door a few times a day.  Most were non verbal and violent.  He didn’t know where to start. The Holy Spirit showed him just to begin singing Jesus Loves Me over and over every time he came.  Within about a year all those patients began to get better and most were eventually released, completely well.

One of the prayers that Paul prayed for the church in Ephesians, was that we would know the height and depth and width of God’s love, that we would be supernaturally strengthened to grasp it, and be rooted in it. So obviously if he was praying that for us it wasn’t automatic that we would know it. We have to meditate in it.

Or if you would like the printable PDF

Galatians 5:6 says that faith works by love.

I love Katherine Ruonala’s Prayers of His People album on Spotify where she reads these Scriptures as prayers with instrumental music in the background. They are beautiful recordings to sleep to.

Sometimes we have to actually assure our hearts of God’s love for us.


Meditate on the works of His hands.

Apparently a huge reason that young people leave their faith is that they can’t reconcile science to their faith. Actually they just haven’t been taught how to, they haven’t been shown the resources that help with this. All they are taught in school is that we were blobs of slime that somehow came into being after a big bang. If you start really digging into this, science just doesn’t support it.

I think documentaries along these lines help us to remember just how big our God is.  I had a dream recently about a huge storm that was quite scary.

But in the dream we were singing, ‘I know the One who is King of the storm, I know the One who is King of the winds,’ and as we focused on God, even though the storm was huge and scary with tornados, it was barely doing any damage.

I heard another quote recently that said, in an age where we are told to ‘ground’ ourselves by walking barefoot, using essentials oils, etc, – there is nothing more grounding than worshipping the Creator of the Universe Himself.  

God of Wonders is a fantastic documentary about all aspects of science that blows your mind as an adult and has stunning scenery that children enjoy watching.

Loui Giglio has wonderful resources on this topic both for adults and for children

Stars and Whales singing How Great is Our God

The details of the Galaxy 

How Great is Our God – Full Teaching

What is Laminin? (Hint, it’s inside of you)

Children’s Books:

Indescribable, How Great is our God and the Wonder of Creation

My children are audio learners and love listening to podcasts at night, and I was so thrilled to find that Loui Giglio has created a podcast for kids!

Can you imagine the truth that will be implanted in young minds as they listen?



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