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Is writer’s block causing you grief?  Let’s run through a few tips and tricks to send it packing, and get to writing that awesome stuff on the inside.

Tips to Remove Writer's Block

1. Procrastination

Well my dear friend, is it really that P word that you are suffering from?   This condition can be terribly misdiagnosed.  In the precious spare time that you have carved out to write, are you surfing the net to research or are you flitting around and frittering away time on facebook, dealing a blow of fatality to your creativity?  I suggest that when you pop open the internet for research, you stick purely to doing that.  No checking e-mails, facebook, or anything else, and if you simply cannot resist the temptation than set aside,  10 minutes only, to satisfy that inner drive to discover any new communications you may have received.

Are you procrastinating or are you purely prioritising?   Sitting down to write creatively may not be entirely fruitful when you have exams looming, a baby screaming or your stomach is empty.

2. Writer’s Block

I have heard nearly every cure imaginable for this dreaded drain on the brain; take a walk, read something inspiring, write a random sentence about something on your desk, go back to researching, try writing with a certain piece of music, and warranted they all work to a certain degree.

All these methods seem to take time and energy away from your main concern, the incomplete work staring you down, while the clock ticks in the corner; a deadline looming, or perhaps counting down the minutes to your next interruption.

My tips for this drastic dilemma, once again are to make sure you have eaten something nutritious before sitting down to write.  My brain simply times out if it is not full of food, and secondly open up your page, see where you are up to, turn away from the page and pray.

nutritious food helps with writers block

Ask God for wisdom and inspiration and pray in tongues.  John Bevere, author of many and various best selling books says that praying tongues is the quickest and most effective way to move a writing block;  not only that, you are receiving heavenly inspiration.  This works for me every time. In fact I don’t like to write anything unless I first spend 15 minutes praying in tongues.

Is praying in tongues a foreign concept to you?  I’ve written a whole post about how this has revolutionised my prayer time. If you are a Christian you have free access to this awesome gift . . . you just have to ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and give you His gifts, of which there are many, but 9 specifically related to this particular request.

Word of Wisdom * Word of Knowledge * Prophecy * Healing * Discerning of spirits * Miracles * Faith * Tongues * Interpretation of Tongues

Ask God and He will give you the whole package.  It is sort of like a tool kit or a kitchen start up kit that will help you in your Christian growth and writing, and once you have asked for it, if you have an interesting syllable rolling around in your mind, start speaking it out in faith that you have received your package, after all it is a bit hard when it is an invisible one to know if it has been delivered yet, however I assure you it has, as it is always sent via Express Angelic Post.

This may not be what you expected when you came over here for writing tips, but this can change your life.    Jesus can change your life.  Becoming a Christian is not about boring rules and regulations but entering a relationship that has the potential to fulfil you beyond anything you’ve ever known and bring you deep stability.

You can pray and say, ‘Jesus, I invite you to come and live inside of me and be Lord of my life.  I’m sorry for my sin and I choose to repent and turn away from it.  Give me the power of the Holy Spirit to live for You.’    Now tell someone.  Maybe you know someone has been praying for you, or an old friend of yours is a Christian.  Get in contact with them so they can help you grow in God, or find a church that really cares.   Vision Christian Radio is an awesome free resource that you can access world wide to help you grow in your faith.



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