3 Secrets to Soothing a Screamer

There’s nothing quite as frazzling as a screaming baby, especially if you have another child tugging on you for attention or about to tip milk everywhere.   I’ve often become frazzled just watching this in another Mum’s home, let alone had it in my own, but I’m about to give birth to my 2nd child in under 4 weeks!  The first 2 tips I found really helpful with my first daughter who is nearly 3 now, and the 3rd tip I’m really looking forward to trying.soothing a screaming, crying baby with colic, using essential oils, prayer and a hairdryer

1. Why are they crying? 

Some mothers tell me they can just tell, but I’m so glad I was introduced to the Dunstan Baby Language before the birth of my first child.  This tool for identifying the five types of cries from a baby was invaluable and empowered my husband and I to know instantly why our baby was upset and then the subsequent action to take.   It can also help to prevent colic, by catching it before it gets to that stage.


People who’ve listened to the Dunstan Baby Language video are able to walk into any shopping centre and instantly hear and know why any given newborn is screaming, and if you use this method with your baby they will keep this method of communication far longer than if you are unaware of it, in which case they lose it between 3-6months of age.

Many people commented that our baby was extremely calm, and so were we for our first.  I’m not sure about that, but being able to instantly know the problem instead of wondering was huge.    This time around I’m working on knowing the tired signs as well as cries as I think I missed this a lot because we were out all the time and she had no routine.

2. My Hairdryer

All right this may not work for everyone, but for us it did, especially getting her out of the bath and shower.   One of us would hold the hairdryer on her on warm as the other dressed her and this calmed her right down and often put her to sleep.

(Obviously not too close, and not the highest setting!  We lived in a one bedroom shack at this point that was freezing even with heaters on!)

3. Lavender Oil

I’ve recently started learning about essential oils and their incredible benefits to health.  I’ve been a bit of skeptic for a while wondering about their spiritual roots, until my husband’s cousin shared with us about the Biblical roots of essential oils.  

I decided to start collecting as our budget allowed, and was so blessed to receive a ‘birth pack’ from the above mentioned cousin just the other day, with some instructions on how to use them.    Then I heard this testimony from Stephen’s Aunt, who is also a qualified midwife:

“Our return flight was delayed several hours (originally booked a 4pm flight- finally got on board Jetstar after 9pm). While we waited I could hear the unmistakable cry of a very distressed young baby. I looked across the crowds and saw a weary mummy trying to communicate with someone on the phone (probably explaining to her family about the delays) with a screaming bubby being jiggled in her other arm. I assessed the situation  & went across to see if I could help (maybe hold the bubby so she could talk on the phone).

She’d finished the call when I got there, thanked me and explained she just needed to feed her baby, which settled things temporarily, but by the time the flight was ready to board, two babies were screaming in unison, exhausted and unconsolable. I remembered the ’emergency pack’ of Doterra oils that my daughter gave me and offered some Serenity to the first mummy. Bub kept crying as the oil was rubbed behind her ears and neck, then I thought of lavender, which mummy put on bubby’s chest. Immediate relief! 10 week old Bubby quietened, looked about, settled in mummy’s arms and went to sleep! It was miraculous!

I had to wait till the seatbelt sign went off so I could go down to the back of the plane to the other screaming baby, the parents gratefully accepted my offer of lavender oil on their baby’s chest – with exactly the same results! Peace and calm pervaded. After we landed another passenger said to me “You saved that flight! When you calmed the two babies down, we all calmed down.”

I’ll definitely be trying that!  Another of my favourite toddler calming tricks is warm bath with lavender oil and Epsom salts.  This helps her poo before bed, relaxes her, and helps her sleep really well.

I hope there are a few tips in here that help soothing  your baby, and if you’ve got a great one that I’ve left out, please let me know in the comments.




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My name is Elizabeth Ainsworth, a wife and mother in QLD Australia who shares her ponderings of faith at Where Deep Calls to Deep

4 thoughts on “3 Secrets to Soothing a Screamer

  1. The hairdryer tip! #GENIOUS I wish I had of thought of that with my second. She was a difficult child to please straight out of the womb, and I hate to say it…but she hasn’t outgrown it yet (at the age of 7). Maybe I could try this trick on her when she throws her next fit? He he…..I’m cracking up just thinking of how that would all go down.

    Best of luck with new baby. I wish I had known about essential oils when my girls were little.

    1. The hairdryer trick doesn’t work on here anymore, but hey, other things do! I wish I’d known about essential oils last time too, but God seems to be really restoring natural health to His people I think along with building their faith for the supernatural.

  2. My second is 6 weeks old but was born 5 weeks early. Very different from my first child, who was also early, but not enough to be considered a preemie. Baby #2 is a screamer. All she wants in life is to be held. She’s starting to level out. I made up a lotion using a Young Living oil called Gentle Baby that has lavender in it. It does make a difference, especially at night. Which is awesome because this mama is getting tired of having to sleep on the sofa, holding a baby. 😉 #Titus2Tuesday

    1. Wow, I’ve wondered how an early born baby would go, I’ve had a few occasions of this baby trying to come early, thankfully has stayed put and I’m now over 37 weeks. My Mum has come to stay from where she lives 6 hrs away until baby comes. However, my Mum has a 3 and 7 year old which is tons of fun for my nearly 3 year old, they are all girls, but can get a bit crazy here. Praise God, we are renting a 6 bedroom house this time not a 1 bedroom house, and for the same price! Good to hear more affirmations of that lavender oil working. Your blog looks great too!

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