Teaching Children About the Blood of Jesus – Devotional


Earlier this year I bought a curriculum for our Sunday School entitled ‘The Blood’ by Becky Fischer, which I didn’t actually get to use because I ‘retired’ from teaching Sunday School a few weeks later, however I was really looking forward to using it!

This links scientific facts to Biblical truths, includes skits, and lots of props.  Basically the whole lesson is organised for you, something I’ve never had in my 2.5 years of Sunday School, and it is comprehensive enough yet simple enough for the whole age range of 5-12.

There are powerful truths in here linking the Old Testament to the New Testament, and explaining the covenant we are in, a tricky topic sometimes to get your head around teaching to kids.  I believe even adults are going to find it very helpful.

The blood is going to be a powerful weapon for our children as they fight against the darkness encroaching on the world.


The lessons are:

* A Story About Blood

* Why Blood?

* Types & Shadows

* Like Father, Like Son

* Our Passover Lamb

* Healing in the Blood

* The Blood of Bulls & Goats

* The Most Holy Place

* The High Priest*

* The Blood Covenant

* The Son of Promise

* The Communion Table

* Pleading the Blood

In the next few days I will be reviewing one more book on the power of the blood of Jesus, which you can read if you don’t have need of children’s curriculum.


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