A Prayer For Understanding God’s Will

 I was lying on my bed really exhausted, when my preschooler starts telling me the Christmas story.

“And the angel came to Mary but then he went back to the sky, to God, to heaven.”

“Uh, huh,” I murmured, eyes shut, breast feeding the toddler who’s still suckling, big and buffy.

“But he scared all the sheep too, cause he had a message from the Lord,” she continued and I opened my eyes and saw a roll of toilet paper cascading down from above me.

“But what’s toilet paper got to do with the Christmas story?” I cut right across her, because we’d had many conversations recently about not using a whole roll of toilet paper per visit to the loo.

“Mum, it’s a message from the Lord! Like in the Jonah movie, coming down from the sky.”

“It’s called a scroll” I grunted and rolled over. It is suffice to say that I was in bed by 6:30pm that night.

Sometimes I think I would love a message that clear from God, a scroll coming down from heaven telling me what’s next and where I’m going.

Trusting God when Nothing Makes Sense With Child Like Faith

But at the moment He’s leading in a trail of Scripture verses; you know like how different people who aren’t connected keep giving you similar and same Scriptures, and it just pops up on facebook, cause you’re too tired to open your Bible . . .

Because hearing from God is not just about a voice.

We are all desperately wanting to hear from God, to know that we are in His plan and timing, some times more than others.   We make mistakes.

We get impatient; we push things to happen that aren’t quite ready, like when you’re birthing a baby and you push too hard and that whole delicate area tears.  Yeh, ouch.  Spiritually and physically.

And then other times you’ve prayed so hard, so much and every single prayer leads you to this strange place you don’t understand.   All the directions from the hand of God and still you’re like Moses backed into the sea, and ready for miracle to rip the sea right open.

I’m supposed to give you three steps to figure out your mess; that’s what us bloggers are told to do with our titles, and goodness knows I’ve done it plenty of times.

Sometimes God delivers us a lesson, like those old Sunday School packets in an envelope and it can be gathered neatly into a blog post, but not always.   No, not always.

And then it comes down to trusting His character.  We sing Good, Good Father but until it’s put to the test we don’t know.

This place where theology is tested and testimony created.

Prayer for Understanding God's Will

And back to that Scripture trail?    Back at the beginning of January, I scheduled an e-mail prayer series to go out to my subscribers, one prayer from the New Testament each weeks for six weeks.  And the prayer that arrived this week, even in my own inbox, wow….a prayer for understanding God’s will.

So right now I can’t offer you a point by point list, but we can join (virtual) hands and pray the prayers from the Scripture.  I’ve made em pretty and printable.

Would you join me?

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