Practical Ways The Peace of God Guides our Decisions

My husband paced back and forwards across our nearly empty home, that little fibro shack where we had shared our first 9 months of marriage, had our motorbike stolen and prayed it back.
“I’ve put light truck tyres on the caravan, but I just don’t know if it will be enough. I feel so uneasy about towing it all the way across the border.”
“Surely it will be alright?” I asked taping another box shut. We were moving interstate to become youth pastors, and the biggest items to transport were my books. All one thousand of them, packed into that caravan.
“I guess so.”

Prayer, Peace and Hearing From God

Photography by Suzanne Rowe

The following day we made it 20 mins out of town before the tyre flew off the axel, tearing a hole in the floor, and axel leaving scrape marks down the highway for a kilometre, so deep we could see them there a year later on a return visit.

We scrambled across the paddock to retrieve the tyre and rang for a tow truck, hazard lights flashing for hours. And each tow truck driver shook his head and drove back into town, and we had to leave it there and go into town, find supplies to patch the hole ourselves, after getting a jumpstart, the battery drained from the those flashing lights.

And we hired a moving truck, packed it again and set off to dump our first load in storage, driving to 1 am.

We always refer back to that move when we aren’t at peace with something. Restless. Uneasy. Jumpy within ourselves.

It says in the Bible to let the peace of God guard your heart and minds. Philippians 4:7 , and over the past few years I’ve learnt a bit how.  And still make mistakes.

When that unsettledness comes we sit down and pray into our plans until we settle on what we need to change. A thought comes to mind.

Like that time we left our house and were uneasy, husband dashed home and someone trying to break in.

That time of uneasiness and we prayed through till it left and a friend had been in danger.

That’s how the peace of God guides our decisions.

Learning not to rush, taking time to see if we are settled.

My Dad always said, ‘No peace, no go’.

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6 thoughts on “Practical Ways The Peace of God Guides our Decisions

  1. Thank you so much Lizzie for this story. I still make mistakes too, but the cool part of Jesus in us is when we notice change. May God bless you and your family this evening, Julie

  2. Yes, when I feel unsettled it’s a sign to pray and not move until I have peace. I totally get the book thing. One cannot have too many books! 🙂 1000 books? I’m sure there still is room for more! 🙂

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