Five Minute Friday: Paint

I’m running late again for Five Minute Friday. Moving house will do that to you, and then finding out that you’re actually not, though your boxes are up to your ears and everything is packed but the computer and the printer.


Today’s word is Paint, and I’m going to type crazy for you and for our challenge, ready Go (4:14pm)

I can’t paint for nuts, not unless you just want a big square block of the same colour, and even then I struggle, because I’m allergic to spray paint and house paint. It just makes my throat burn, nose run and then I start wheezing with asthma. I would much prefer textas, thanks.

I paint with my words, they come out of my soul, sometimes stroking big and bold across the page and sometimes they tiptope and dance delicately, trying to portray a message that has been gently sheltered in the heart and can’t just be tipped out onto the page.

While the colours and the images in my head can’t flow out of a paintbrush, they find their form in the marching little letters typed across a page.  How do you paint and why?


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