Is Biblical Honor Still Relevant? Bible Study 101

There is a theme woven right through the Bible; it’s subtle but it’s strong and the more you look for it, the more you see it weaving it’s way through stories and passages, shaping the way people received from God.  But in a culture that is blasé and disrespectful, we have to ask, is Biblical honor still relevant?  And if it is, what does that practically look like?

Biblical Honor Bible Study

I remember when we first moved interstate, the theme that our new church was studying,  was Biblical honour and how to live that out.

It’s a theme that God had been nailing me on over and over for several years, and it’s a theme He continues to go deeper and deeper on with me.   I believe the relevance of honor in today’s relationships is a seriously misunderstood topic, but that this has the power to open doors that otherwise would remain firmly shut.

As you study honor, this strange, yet foundational principle, you’ll discover that honor always has a reward attached to it, and if that’s true, than so is the opposite: missing out on reward.

To honour our parents is even included in the ten commandments; with a promise – that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

You see, honor is one of the spiritual laws that are as real as the law of gravity.    So is sowing and reaping.  The Bible says in many places, that what we sow is what we reap, and this is true with honor.

In fact, I would even go as far to say that if things are not going well with you, you should ask yourself and God, ‘Is there an area that I’ve dishonoured my parents?’  See what God brings to mind and confess and repent of that incident.

Yet there are times when it’s seems like it’s honor V honesty, and it’s seems hard to be respectful about a situation and tell the truth. 

Honor Definition & Bible Study

I’ve been there.  In some ways, there are situations where that will always be the case, to one degree or another, BUT there are ways we can do both, especially when you start to understand what honor really is.

So I’d love for you to come over to Kira’s blog, Joy Pursued, where I’m guest posting today on  Practical Ways to Live Out Biblical Honor.    


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