Five Minute Friday: I Finally Decided


It’s Five Minute Friday and this is really the first post for this blog, not just one that’s been moved over from my previous blog and recrafted to wordy perfection.   I’m hesitant to introduce the blog like this, but I’m in good company here at Five Minute Friday where we all write crazy, clever and sometimes clumsy for five minutes on a set topic. Today’s is decide, perfect really, as this blog took so long to decide to do, so let’s ready, set, write:


It took me ages to decide to move from blogger to   I wasn’t convinced that I had something worthwhile to say, and that I should stay where I was.  I decided to stop writing for a while and that just made me depressed, and so finally at the beginning of this year, after seeing several signs appear on websites and in my e-mail inbox saying ‘you need to write’, I started the long for me process of starting a new blog.   I knew that there was rather a lot of words inside that needed to come out and even e-books for sale, that couldn’t work over where I was; that comfortable place.

I dabbled my toe in signed up for 3 blogging courses that just happened to all land in my inbox and be free at that precise moment and signed up for e-mail lists to learn about e-mail lists.

Another major decision maker was the fact that I’m expecting another baby in ten weeks, and if I didn’t get on with it quickly, I probably never would.  So I decided, and finally yesterday figured out how to set up with the help of a theme from  Now I’m excited to see where this goes and brimming with ideas.

Is there something you need to just decide?

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My name is Elizabeth Ainsworth, a wife and mother in QLD Australia who shares her ponderings of faith at Where Deep Calls to Deep

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: I Finally Decided

  1. Lizzy!
    I love your new blog! This space of infinite possibility is welcoming and inspiring. I am an alumni- reunited FMF goer and can I just say… nothing challenged me better than Five Minute Friday. I’ve been a member of Compel (through Proverbs 31) for almost 2 years now. I’ve learned a TON about writing and blogging- but this group.. this simple word prompt and encouragement to post no matter how bad I want to edit… it has given me so much more than words can express. You made a beautiful decision to join us tonight! And I am so glad you did! 🙂 (And congrats on your new baby!!!)

    1. Thanks Brandi, popping over to see your post. I can see I’ve certainly grown since I started writing at Five Minute Friday while I’ve been transferring old posts over here from my old blog. Those other resources sound good too.

  2. So great to see another Australian blogger! Congratulations on the baby as well- hope this last part of the experience is as smooth as possible for you xx

  3. Hi! I also took a break from blogging for a while. I missed it so much I started to write again too. Thank you for sharing with us about your decision to start writing again. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Sometimes one just has to write, there’s no other way to get your brain clear! Certainly focusing on how we share the message helps it come across better, I’ve discovered as I’ve looked through my older posts.

  4. I made that decision (not from blogger, but to my own domain name) a few months ago. It’s been a great decision. Your blog is beautiful!

    1. Thanks, it’s completely different to what I thought I was going to do but I’m happy with it! Just gotta add a few more pages and bits and pieces and finish transferring posts across from the old one. Yours is pretty gorgeous too!

  5. Dear Lizzy,
    It’s good you took the plunge and I like the look of your blog. Thanks also for providing the link to the image used. It’s always nice to know where you can get good-quality free images.
    As for your great post – thanks for the encouragement and reminder to (as the Nike advert puts it) just do it!
    I am intending to join the fmf community and am just checking out several participating bloggers to read their take on the prompt, in order to jump-start ideas for myself.
    Bless you and I wish you all the best with your blogging endeavours and the new baby! 🙂

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