My Fickle Feelings and Angels in the ER

You leave out a kg of sausages to thaw and you plan to put them in the fridge before bed.  In the morning they are still there, and you throw them out.  It’s $5 gone.  For some it breaks the budget, for others it’s nothing and I fit somewhere in the middle.

choosing your thoughts renewing your mind

Seriously annoyed and with the potential to ruin my day.  Of course I couldn’t eat them.  My husband tells me $5 isn’t worth a day off work due to food poisoning and they were for me to make curry for his lunch.  I choose to breathe deeper.  My day started shocking, it doesn’t have to continue.

Mornings later I awake,  and the house is clean by 9am, I’ve read the Word and the husband even makes the bed, and then he eats breakfast.

By 10am is vomiting constantly, not even water will stay.  I ring the chemists for activated charcoal and no one has it.  It’s supposed to stop food poisoning or gastro in its tracks by absorbing the toxins in your body.  They tell me the hospital will have it and I pack the toddler and baby into the car and drive my husband there.

He tells me as we go toward the round-about he’s going to pass out, and proceeds to flop across the car, choking and I push him back to his side and put my foot to the floor, holding him up.  Two more blocks, pull up, run inside, and he’s come back round and complaining that I can’t even back into the ambulance bay correctly and I happily hand him over to the angels in the ER.

5 bags of saline, 2 anti nausea tablets and 7 hours later they are ready to release him.

The day I thought I started bad ended well and the day that started perfect ended late, and with me having diarrhoea at 3am in the morning, and declaring that ‘Jesus is the Boss over this bug’ and I thankfully never vomited.  I was drained enough just trying to breastfeed our 3 month old who couldn’t go on formula due to soy and dairy allergies, and we both spent the next day in bed.

The small things have the power to MAKE or BREAK our days.  Helpful as routines are for eliminating decision fatigue, they don’t make our days either. It’s the choices, in the minutes and hours.  


And I’ve started praying regularly for the fruit of the Spirit for me and mine and their little friends, and noticed a difference when we do.

Linking up today at Five Minute Friday where a whole bunch of us write for 5 minutes on a one word prompt, unedited and raw.  Today’s prompt was EAT.

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