What’s Your Faith Insurance Plan?

“Liz, have you rung up about the insurance plan yet?” My husband asks, flipping through the mail.

“Uh, no . . . ” I’m washing up, house being ripped apart by a toddler and her side kick preschooler sister, and that insurance letter is buried. . .  somewhere.   Life is hectic and how am I supposed to remember that letter amidst everything, and then, I know they have extended trading hours, I could ring at night, but when I finally get my two munchkins in bed, that mysterious paperwork is the last thing on my mind.

Yet, it’s important.  If we were to have a car crash without it being properly sorted, we could go bankrupt here in this particular state we live in.  Another friend of ours did, because he didn’t realise the importance of it.

It’s rather like faith, if we aren’t actively building it, when the spiritual ‘car crash’ occurs, we are left scrambling, hoping something jumps out of our Bible.   If we are familiar with our ‘insurance plan’ we confidently stand on that Scripture, even though everything in the natural might be opposite.

Often at night though, reading our Bibles seem about as alluring as ringing the insurance company, but that’s how we build faith.

Bible Study and Finding Your Life Verse

We build faith by hearing the Word of God; and not just the familiar bits, but also the unusual bits that might seem to have no particular bearing on our everyday.

Romans 10:17KJV

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

“It’s in the fine print,” Dad would say to Mum whenever they were doing something unusual; marking lambs, drenching sheep,  taking sick children to hospital in the middle of the night, something she probably didn’t expect to be doing when they got married.

It’s not in the vows at your wedding, but somehow it’s included; it’s called the fine print, and it’s like that with insurance plans and also the Bible.

In the book Supernatural Childbirth, author Jackie Mize was reading the Bible to her husband as they drove around, and she found an obscure Old Testament Scripture that talked about miscarriage and  barrenness not being in God’s covenant of health.  This led her on a huge exploration of this topic as they were unable to get pregnant.

As she built faith in this area, she experienced healing and went on to write an incredible book that has helped many women receive a miracle in this area, and also experience a pain free birth, including me.   This was an area I had to choose to build faith, by memorising Scripture, and hearing testimonies of others.

Jackie found that Scripture because they were creating a habit of reading the Bible and ‘understanding their insurance plan’.  Becoming familiar with the nitty gritty, fine print of the Bible, and the many wonderful promises within.


Peggy Joyce Ruth wrote the book Psalm 91 after a revelation of the faith insurance plan it contained for our protection and the book is full of testimonies of people standing on God’s Word and receiving supernatural protection in circumstances that should have resulted in death.

This should be such motivation for us to open our Bibles.

The Bible is God’s Word, and of course He will speak through it.  He’s even given us amazing prayers in there that were written to help us grow.  I found 6 Powerful and Profound Prayers for Personal Growth in the New Testament, and over the next 6 weeks of this New Year, we will be exploring a prayer each week, and I’d love for you to join us!



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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Faith Insurance Plan?

  1. I can rarely stop after just five minutes. I admit I struggled with what to write this week, but once the idea came, it wouldn’t stop until it all spilled out for me.
    Cherish the time when the children are young. My babies are 26 and 24 now and yet it seems just yesterday they were coming into the world.
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post. FMF #10

  2. Being in God’s word is definitely essential for spiritual growth.

    I’m amazed at how many squirrels I can chase and my four are all over the age of 12!

  3. I love your mention of the “unusual bits” of scripture. I so often find some of the most profound truths in these unusual bits, that we would typically overlook! God’s Word is indeed powerful and alive!
    Great post!

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