Children and the Supernatural

This book is a real favourite of mine, and it’s author Jennifer Toledo, is one of my inspirations in Christianity.

Do you want your faith stirred and inspired to the point of action?  Or perhaps you want to see your children communicating with God in a way that is beyond their wildest dreams? Enter Jennifer Toledo, a woman with a call of God on her life to inspire the children and parents of the nations.

I first heard of Jennifer Toledo when I was 16, speaking on a cd called the Undiluted Gospel, a message of how she found herself in one of the most famine-stricken areas of Africa as a single young woman, and the strategies God gave her to see the people set free, including children.  I found it again this year and played it for our  Tuesday night group to listen to.   Right towards the end she began to speak about how she was training to children to walk in the supernutral, a topic that we had been searching for inspiration on.

We ran a Google search on Ms Toledo and discovered her new book, Children and the Supernatural, published by Charisma House.  This inspiring book records numerous testimonies of how God is working with and through children around the world.  She shares how she has seen God heal children of emotional, spiritual and physical disabilities and how she has led groups of children into African hospitals to pray for the sick, resulting in the closure of the hospital.  However, supernatural encounters are not just happening in Africa and other 3rd world countries, but also in America.

Eyes that See &  Ears that Hear, is a revolutionary handbook written in a simple child-like manner, inspiring readers young and old alike, that hearing from God really is quite easy, and that the type of relationship God desires with each of us is revolutionary.  Describing God as a ‘chatterbox’ Jennifer encourages children to ask God any questions relating to their daily life before teaching them how to check that what they receive is indeed Godly counsel.  She provides activities to help them hear clearly and accurately before suggesting ideas that they can use in outreach.   We have just started  reading Children and the Supernatural to the children at our Sunday School, which has inspired them to start seeking God for what He wants to speak to them.  We will begin using Eyes that See & Ears that Hear this Sunday, and plan to work through the introduction with them this term.

Children and the Supernatural can be ordered from Koorong, for Australian buyers, while Eyes that See & Ears that Hear is available from:!/~/category/id=1878695&offset=0&sort=normal


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