Back When it Was Enough

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be that prairie or for us Aussies, that outback settler woman, who got up early, cooked the breakfast, cleaned the home, encouraged and perhaps taught the children or sent them off to school, mended the clothes, cooked the dinner, hugged the husband and all washed up together as a family before sitting in the firelight reading together?


Back then when it was enough in the eyes of the neighbours, yourself and God, to live day in and day out slowly watching growth, faithful with what you had?

Back when it was enough that you didn’t need a different playgroup, or gymnastics lesson for the toddler every morning of the week, and at the end of the day you didn’t all go to your individual screens but sat together and read and grew in the Word or a story. 

On days when I feel like I’m not living big enough, but I’m just cooking meals, and playing games and reading stories, I remember back to the Laura Ingalls of life, where Caroline Wilder worked hard and prayed hard and it was enough to not have everyone know who you are.

I’m not advocating that we go back, I’m just reminding you:

you are enough,

a meal,


clean clothes and

God are enough.

On the days where that’s all that gets done; it’s enough.  That’s what we need to grow, and each day He’ll lead us into new growth, whether that’s a blogging platform, or just taking the neighbour a meal, it’s listening to Him and it’s enough, whether seen by 1 or 100.

In a life where we are constantly being called and demanded to live big; sometimes the season is for pruning and that too is enough.

Today I’m linking up at Five Minute Friday, where our prompt was growth and this came out in almost 5 minutes.  🙂

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My name is Elizabeth Ainsworth, a wife and mother in QLD Australia who shares her ponderings of faith at Where Deep Calls to Deep

2 thoughts on “Back When it Was Enough

  1. I am reading The Little House on the Prairie Books to my girls now and Live Your Own Life by Sally Clarkson for me and you are correct. Both advocate for being purposeful with your time. Caroline Wilder never idled away time doing things that were not meaningful even in her rest she was seeking God. As we prune in this season so we can see growth in the next I am questioning what is taking up time that is not giving life. What needs to go.

  2. Thanks for this great reminder. I’ve never felt pressed to sign my kids up for all sorts of things…am content to let them play like we did growing up: with their friends outside. But your message is still an important reminder for me to slow down and savour what God is doing now, rather than looking ahead too quickly with prideful expectations.

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