A Season of Restoration of Dreams

I’ve had a number of dreams lately and I feel stretched to share them, because I believe they contain a message in them, not just for me, but for the wider body of Christ.  I’ve been having dreams about the future since I was 14, and I’ve talked about them in my book ‘Dad and Me in PNG’ where God used one of my dreams to warn our team about not travelling on a boat, and then when certain team members tried to, the boat left early for the first time in PNG history.

God uses dreams a lot in the Bible to share His messages and it says in

ACTS 2:17  New International Version

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.


I’ve been researching lately dream interpretation from a Biblical perspective and two of my favourite resources here are Lana Vawser and Doug Addison, who I’ve found to have very accurate messages to the church about things of God in this time.


Recently I’ve had a number of dreams where God has restored to me, in odd places, toys that I lost when I was younger, and in the dreams I spent a lot of time sifting through these things, cleaning them up and placing them somewhere I could use them.

Now toys may not be significant to many people, but they are to me, because many of the toys I had as a child I have kept, because I have built a book around them.  A book that I have been attempting to write for years, that although fictional is going to cover many topics surrounding inner healing gained from my years working in the Healing rooms and with Victorious Ministry Through Christ.

I’ve kept my toys as a visual reference of what the people look like, their houses, etc, and just lately, I keep finding in the natural, toys from my childhood, that I’ve been waiting for to complete this book.


The toys are just symbolic, because to me they are precious, but God isn’t restoring useless stuff, God is also restoring to me other things that I’ve lost, in a spiritual sense.  When I was younger I really wanted to dance, but Mum wasn’t happy with the standard of modesty and sensualisation of dance in our town, so she didn’t let us dance, with the exception of perhaps a year where a lady at church would put together a dance to the latest worship music that we then showed in church.

Just recently, God has led me and enabled me to become a qualified ballet teacher, even though I hadn’t previously done any ballet.

A retired ballerina, Beth Baudistel came to our church and saw me dancing with a banner up the back quietly and asked me to join in her teacher training course for FREE.    This lady runs dancing schools all over the world and for some reason she not only gave me all the curriculum but then tutored me privately.  If you feel called to start a Christian dance school focusing on modesty and purity, but with the highest level of training, combining a number of different dance techniques, have a look at Living Dance International.

Another restoration recently has been of joy in my life, after an intense season of depression and fighting for what God has called me to do.

(Also check out the free printable I put together on the topic of Joy, after a deep study of the root words used in the Biblical Hebrew and Greek.)

God isn’t just restoring to me, He is restoring to you, and in the Jewish calendar, it is actually the year of restoration, when debts must be paid.

So will you venture into this new area of blogging with me?  I’m not real sure about this dream thing, but I feel that I should be faithful to share what I have received, and in turn I will receive further.


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