6 Successful Prayer Strategies

I couldn’t stop shaking in that hospital bed and suddenly my vitals were dropping.  The young nurse by my side pressed that Code Blue button and everyone came running.  They inserted IVs and clipped things to my fingers and still I couldn’t stop violently shaking and I begged them to get my husband who was nursing our new baby in delivery suite, while I’d been in surgery repairing the tear.

And they kept saying no, and I kept saying to myself, ‘no harm shall befall me, no disaster shall come near my tent’  Psalm 91: 10

Finally they brought him in and he said, “If you don’t mind I’m just going to stop and pray for my wife here.”

Right there and out loud in front of all the staff.  The second miracle for the day after our supernatural childbirth. Prayed and I stabilised.  Stopped shaking and they shook their heads and attributed it to the IV antibiotics just administered.   Turned out that I’d lost too much blood and got an infection in surgery.

It was the third time in my life that prayer dramatically saved my life.  Those other times when I was nine with a pancreas clear blown up and internal bleeding and when I was born 6 weeks premature but stopped growing long before hand.

Prayer is powerful.

Successful Prayer Strategies

And in that vein, praying for your yourself is one of the most important things you can do to provide your family with a stable and mature mother, but in the busyness of cooking, cleaning, housework, parenting, marriage and work outside the home, how do you actually make time for this?

Do you sometimes get stuck for how to pray for your family or how to pray for yourself so that you can become all God wants you to be?

I’m inviting you to sign up for a  FREE six week prayer strategies e-mail series.

Each week you’ll receive an e-mail with a prayer from the New Testament to pray for yourself; and also for your family members.  There will be a printable of each prayer so that you can hang it up on your fridge, right where you will see it and remember to pray it.  Some of these printables are even the perfect sizes for bookmarks to share with a friend.

So let’s lay a good foundation, asking God for the very things He wants us to have.    Just enter your e-mail below to receive your first prayer. (These prayers are not mine, they are from the Word of God, I’ve just organised them into a series where we can purposefully be reminded to pray for ourselves)

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