The Destiny Process We Don’t Like to Talk About

2017 was hard; it’s been a unanimous agreement from across the waters, across facebook and agreed in real life conversations.  It was full of hard things.  Life didn’t look like what we expected.  For some of us, it was beyond hard. We breathed a sigh of relief when it left, and burnt the calendar.


But January hasn’t been any easier… and I’ve heard that from a few people.

Power of Process in Destiny


This is not the post I’d planned to share this week. . . in a place we never expected to be and facing stuff, crazy stuff, and here and now is not the place to share.  I’m doing an Ann Voskamp tonight and ‘plucking this story straight from between my breasts’.


When your prayers for healing and breakthrough and right people, right place, right time lead to something you never thought.  It seems like you have backed right into a corner.  Like God did with Moses, ready to rip the sea right open.


Ever noticed God will allow something in you, to you, through you for the benefit of other people?     Jesus . . . on the cross.


And I was amazed tonight when I shared a few thoughts on Instagram, that the hashtag #gonnamakeagoodbook didn’t come up as having been used before.  Might change that.


Use this poop to fertilise the ground and grow something real good that can bring nourishment to others.

The Holy Spirit gives guidance

When theology is tested and testimony created.


He’s reminding me of the Christians all around the world everyday whose calling is beyond hard.

Who have to keep at the  forefront, the truth that their destiny is more about the WHO than the what. 

Surrender in this place, when you’ve prayed and fought the good fought, be still and know He is God.

It’s not Friday, but I poured my heart out like it was, cause the word for Five Minute Friday last week was Surrender and this is when all the craziness escalated hard and high. And this week’s word was Agree, and all I can do is agree with what God’s doing, cause that’s part of surrender.

It’s this destiny process that no one likes to talk about.

We need to talk more about the In – Between.   We see the Before Picture, and the After Picture but not always the mess in between.    Like with renovations.   You can’t truly appreciate the after if you didn’t see the process.

A room in the process of renovation doesn’t look nice.  If you have to live in it, it’s downright uncomfortable.    Mould, dust, hideous old linoleum being removed.    But everything has to be ripped out properly and mended before it can be made beautiful.

And I can’t see my way through to how it can possibly be made beautiful but somehow God can, and the process is through prayer.

Destiny ProcessPhoto credit: Anna Gardner

Miracles are awesome and amazing, but as a church have we forgotten the power of process?

The stewarding of good character through extreme disappointment and disillusionment.

The healing of a heart and not just the body.

And through the process we keep our ear to God.  We learn what’s process and we discern what’s spiritual warfare that’s affecting our health. 

There are books written about the power of prayer and then there are books where the power of prayer is illustrated . . . weeks and months of persistent prayer.    Outcomes where apart from a miracle there would be death.  We love the instant ones, in our instant society, we don’t so much love the ones where it happens moment by moment and day by day.

I’ve found these books by Dave Walker so encouraging, when I was flailing and it felt like failing in prayer.  I  wolfed them down in a sitting each.

God in the ICU - Dave WalkerGod in the ICU.  Instant miracles and miracles that took weeks and the following of strict medical protocol.    But through the process whole families and hospitals were changed.  Hearts healed.

Prayer, Medicine and Miracles.  

Keep pressing on through prayer.   Press in for your family, for your health, for the situation that looks hopeless, because it’s NOT.

If you loved Gray Matter by the praying neurosurgeon, you’ll love these books, and they are only a couple of dollars each on Amazon.


We aren’t fit with sparkly ballet flats, gorgeous until we walk a hard path, then flimsy.

No, we are fit with the shoes of the Gospel of Peace.

We push in hard and we keep praying.  We find the prayers of the saints in the days of old and we pray them.   We pray in groans, we pray in moans, we pray in words and with stammering but we keep praying.

I’d love to send you six powerful and profound prayers straight from the pages of the New Testament to help you keep persevering through prayer. When we don’t know what to say we repeat God’s Words back to Him, the things we wouldn’t know to say and ask for, but He knows we need. 6 Prayers, one each week, delivered straight to your inbox.





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